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Not that anyone's been here for a while but... [27 Nov 2006|11:28pm]

Hey everyone! I have some art for you that I may (oneday) colour!

It's Zena and comp!

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*throws a lifebottle into your face* [21 Nov 2006|06:55pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I waaarned you all! I warned you and you wouldn't listen! You made me do this!
*pokes you all with a pointy stick*
There. Now everyone start posting in the Genben RP, and don't let it happen again. >_>

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Sorry everyone! [03 Oct 2006|11:29am]

Hey! I'm sorry I haven't been posting much recently, but I got quite sick and had a pile of Homework to do when I got back to school again. Also, from today to wednesday and possibly Thursday I will have little to no computer time, just a heads up.

Hopefully by friday I'll have my life sorted out and ready to go-Thanks for bearing with me! :D
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long time spammer [16 Sep 2006|04:43pm]

Hello everyone! I would like you all to be informed of a community that I made that could be of service to you, especially if you're into making and/or playing rps! Please come look around and find out what all the ranting rage is about!

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*echo!* [10 Sep 2006|01:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Just wanted to remind you all that this RP still exists.
I've been noticing more and more long silences and it's kinda getting on my nerves.

The point of LJ RP's is that you have to work together to make it work. If half the people stops posting, we hit a rock. We're dead in the water. We- You know what I mean, right? And that means you're messing it up for people who do want the RP to continue.

The moral of this post; Start posting, or Meowzy will poke you with a pointy stick!

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I remember now! XD [23 Aug 2006|06:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Well, I only have one picture to show, and it's of Shiro again, sorry! ^^;

The imageCollapse )

Well anyway, I've been wanting to ask this like forever but I was either too lazy or forgot. @@

On the other side do the summon spirits play an active role? Also I'm guessing they have gender opposites...can I draw them? ^^; I really wanna draw like female Shadow and male Celcius.

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[03 Aug 2006|05:38pm]

Okay everyone! I gots more art for you <3

This time it's Reina and Perth <3

What are they doing? I don't know! Why are they emo? I dunno! <3

Go look everyone <3
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More Artage [02 Aug 2006|04:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Ello! Sorry for those who might have been waiting, I've been procrastinating. ^^; I have 3 images under the cut, well, 2 1/2 maybe.

Let's see what we have.Collapse )

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[29 Jul 2006|04:48pm]

I have icons for ze people:

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Art [27 Jul 2006|07:59pm]

Here be some art for all who wish it!

Yep it's a group pic I did of Maeve, Mahon, Yan and Kaira... in colour! *dundundun*

Go take a look!

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[23 Jul 2006|11:09pm]

Okay! Time for an update on the status of the worlds!!

The other world is in a state of chaos as the heavens seem to be moving and parts of the world suddenly 'disappear'.

No one knows what's happening and the confusion has lead many a person to use the panic in there favor.

Meanwhile in Symphonia the world has also begun to panic, as repeated 'flashes' keep happening and people suddenly die. Even the leaders of the planet seem confused.
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Art Fart [14 Jul 2006|11:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Ello! I'm currently working on images for the Other Side characters of the RP, since they lack images for icons and such. I only have two so far, I'm working on Lynn right now. For those who want an image (I expect everyone xD), lemme know, and state what kind of 'emotion' or 'expression' you want.

But here's what I haveCollapse )

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[14 Jul 2006|06:53pm]

Remember when I told you guys I was probably going to draw some pictures?

There's only one, but I plan to draw more!

KairaCollapse )

Yes, I will draw more pictures.
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FYI [12 Jul 2006|10:04am]

I'm about to be leaving for my uncle's beach house for the next few days, so just to let everyone know, Reina won't be back until Friday night or so.
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People of Symphonia, I give you tidings of icons! [11 Jul 2006|02:41pm]

I went on a LOL, ICONS spree, and, well...

IconssssCollapse )

EDIT: Crisis averted. SAFE TO LOOK
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Hah hah hah ahhhhhhhhh...... [07 Jul 2006|10:53pm]

Well, now our Colin's gone!
I'm such a good mod! Letting everbody do whatever they want and they leave anyway!!!!!!

I will not get angry. I will not care. I hope you all got your stalker's mail!!
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[28 Jun 2006|01:02am]

Hey everyone. Just posting to tell you that I won't be on for a while (to a long time)

Not sure when I'll be back, message me if you want, or e-mail me.
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[25 Jun 2006|08:36pm]

Okay, lazy people(not including Niffe and Meowzy, and anybody that has posted within a few days...) get off you asses and post to things! Niffe worked really hard on this and you were the ones who wanted to do this so much! You were the ones who wanted these roles and said you were going to do this...now POST!Ok, tirade over...Oh, and Niffe, I'm sorry that I've been lazy like the other people, but not anymore! I swear I'll participate more often...

That's all I wanted to say. You guys gotta respect Niffe!
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Hey ho everyone [21 Jun 2006|08:34am]

I was just wondering where everyone was?

Are you guys in the middle of exams, cuase I know a few of you are.

Anyways, please just post here telling me your thoughts on what's happening, and if you could, why you're not posting (I promise I won't be mad, I'm just curious)

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We lost one one.... [15 Jun 2006|10:01pm]


Wah! We lost our Mithos! Already!!

Good thing I have a replacement or I'd be really upset.


What can I do?

I really hoped I could make this fun for you guys, but that doen't seem to be the case.


Okay I'll stop being emo and go back to where ever I came from...
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