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Gender Bender Symphonia OOC Posts
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Gender Bender Symphonia OOC Posting


Gender Bender Symphonia is a Role-Playing Community, created by yours truly, niffe. It is an open rp where pretty much anything can happen. It is open to every type of relationship, het and slash.

*edit This is where you'll find out all the info on Gender bender symphonia. The link to the actual rping is: rp_gbsymphonia


We started the RP. Anyone who wants to still join may, if you need my help catching up just ask.

You may now take two major characters.


During the normal Symphonia time line an odd occurrence happens that drags the Symphonia cast into a world that is like and also different from their own.

(I will be adding more to it as we go along)

How to Play

You must apply for a position before you can play, unless it has been taken by another player. The characters playable will be listed at the bottom of the page, along if they are taken or not.

When you have your character you must make a journal for them, posting with it. It's the same as making any other journal entry to a club.

Please be sure to read the rules before you post.

Types of posts


This is the main community where most events will take place. It will be written third person, past tense.


This is the characters personal journals. It will be done in first person, present tense (unless referring to something of the past.)

Levels of posts

Remember that you'll use these with lj-cuts. You can also use them to address certain people.

The below options are only for personal journals or placed in the top for the main rp area

Reveals the character's innermost thoughts. It is not usually appropriate to comment on this type of entry.

[Individual character]
For that character's eyes only. Only that person should comment.

[Group of two or more characters]
For their eyes only. Only they should comment.

How to Apply

You may apply for two major character and as many minor (which are the same in the game with the exception of Yuan and Mithos, as they too are major characters.)

For the audition you are to give a half a page (or 500 words) story depicting a scene I, or one of the mods will give you to write as the character. We want to see that you can write in character.

You have to have good grammar and spelling (though we're a little looser in the grammar category) in order to be granted the character. This means no computer talk like; lol, rofl, ect, unless you are out of charter.

If you wish to play a character not yet open, please contact the mods first.


1) Grammar & Spelling a must.
2) Stay in character
3) If you are writing out of charter then please state so with ((OOC writing))
4) No God Modding (I will tell you the limits of the characters for the opposite Gender people)

Other Gender Characters

This is what the other characters will act like and their power limits. When you apply for one of these characters I will tell you their complete history.

Kaira (Kratos)- She's the leader of the Renegades. Very mysterious and powerful.
Yan (Yuan)- The Leader of Cruxis. The angel of judgement
Maeve (Mithos)- The Angel of Light, wields the Eternal sword.
Mahon (Martel)- The Angel of Life. Is now within the tree using its power (like Martel except not asleep)
Zena (Zelos)- Angel of Death, works for Yan
Lynn (Lloyd)- Renegades sub commander
Gena (Genis)- One of Colin's friends. A magician
Reina (Regal)- The Widowed wife of the Lezareno company. A good fighter who works for renegades
Ryden (Raine)- One of Colin's friends. A scholar/healer
Colin (Colette)- The chosen of mana.
Perth (Presea)- An axe wielder. Works for renegades.
Shiro (Sheena)- A ninja. Works for renegades.

Botanica (Botta)- Yan's loyal follower. Angel of protection.
(More as people apply)

Characters available

Major, Symphonia side

Kratos- Munabi
Yuan- Meowzy
Mithos- merelyaphase
Zelos- merelyaphase
Colette- darkfreakoid

Minor, Symphonia Style

Forcystus- Munabi
Pronyma- Meowzy
Rodyle- Tardious
(Other characters will be added as they are applied for)

Major, other side

Kaira (Kratos)- Crimsonrose123
Yan (Yuan)- Niffe
Maeve (Mithos)- Meowzy
Mahon (Martel)-
Zena (Zelos)- kittieplushie
Lynn (Lloyd)- lishia20
Gena (Genis)-
Reina (Regal)- sylviaviridian
Ryden (Raine)-
Colin (Colette)- zalein
Perth (Presea)-
Shiro (Sheena)- darkfreakoid


Botanica (Botta)- Niffe
Kia (Kvar)- Kittieplushie
Ronat (Rodyle) - Tardious
(Other characters will be added as they are applied for)

Post here Character Claims if you want to claim a character. Just post that you want them then e-mail the application to either me @ nife2468@hotmail.com or Meowzy @ silver_shiva@hotmail.com We will with hold this character for three days (unless other wise specified), but after that it will be up for grabs again


For any Questions, please refer to Questions, and Answers
Thank you for taking your time to read this